@Rebeccarivas Rebecca Rivas

@Rebeccarivas Rebecca Rivas I guess the people changed her mind. @AnnieRiceStL will run as an Independent in 8th Ward race against Dem nominee @PaulFehler on Feb. 13pic.twitter.com/t0tWnXiIur


@AnnieRiceStL Annie Rice

@AnnieRiceStL Annie Rice Help me make the case to the DCC that the 8th ward is with me for the Democratic nomination for 8th Ward Alderwoman!https://twitter.com/stl7thward/status/937833288537960448 …


@strobist David Hobby

@strobist David Hobby Obama photog @PeteSouza, on what it was like to be in Situation Room and make “that photo” during the raid that killed Bin Laden:http://www.businessinsider.com/barack-obama-pete-souza-hillary-clinton-situation-room-during-photo-osama-bin-laden-raid-joe-biden-politics-2017-11 …